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Add this classic combo of 5 different rubs to your repertoire to cover every protein with loads of different flavour options and variations. 


The Rub is our award winning all rounder. It just works with everything.


SPG is the simple seasoner you want in the cupboard at all times. Don't let its simplicity fool you - the magic ratio of salt, pepper & garlic is a well guarded secret and as you'll soon see, it's the perfect flavour enhancer for any protein. 

The Darkside will give your brisket or shorties the perfect flavour and bark, or simply level up your steak game. The rich aroma of roasted coffee + the perfect balance of spice & sweetness make it the perfect rub for any cut of beef.


Memphis Magic Dust will give your pulled pork or chicken a nice spicy kick & hit of paprika. Use as a seasoning for the flour for spicy wings!


Adobo brings the Mexican flavours - heavy on cumin & coriander with a touch of heat and some sweetness. Use as a Mexican style seasoning - tacos, fajitas, beans. 



5pk Classic Combo

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$85.00Sale Price
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